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Our First Hydrangea Flowers

We added some new residents to our patio garden this summer: three Nikko Blue hydrangeas. We potted them back in early May, but they’ve only recently started to flower. Who cares if it’s almost November already? The flowers look great on the patio.

The shape of our balcony is a bit strange cause we’re in a corner unit. The far left side of our deck wraps around the corner and tapers off into a long concrete triangle of space. We have a perfect view of this wedge-shaped area from inside on our couch, so we really wanted to use the space well.

For a few years we had different bushes in there, but this winter they didn’t fare too well and by April they were half dead. It was time to get rid of them and try something new. But what? We needed something that could tolerate shade and I definitely wanted some flowers. After a little research we settled on hydrangeas since they are relatively easy to grow. That, plus hydrangeas remind me of our wedding cake!

I wanted to get some purple hydrangeas, but we couldn’t find any at the nursery. We settled for Nikko Blue instead, and guess what? They turned out semi-purple anyway. Lucky me, I guess?

The variation in colour is actually due to the acidity level of the soil. Acidic soil gives the flowers a deep blue colour, while alkaline soil makes the flowers a lighter purple, or sometimes even pink. How did I manage to get a combination of blue, purple and pink, you ask? Honestly, I have no idea, but I couldn’t be happier.

It’s nearly November and the sky is just about dark when I get home from work. Gazing at these elegant blossoms sure takes the edge off.

Assuming they survive the winter, these hydrangeas should come back every year. I wonder how many blossoms we’ll get next year?