Delicious Travels through Flavour Country is written by Kim Behnke. I’m an aspiring home cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen and doesn’t mind taking a whole day to prepare a meal – in fact, I love it! I’m also an enthusiastic food gardener and I’ve been known to grow tomatoes, blueberries, peas, pumpkins, brussel sprouts, swiss chard, lettuce, carrots, basil, and broccoli all on a tiny balcony! I enjoy taking food from my flower pots to my plate.

I also love to travel and try different local foods and cooking styles. My favourite ethnic cuisines are Italian, Greek, Indian, Japanese and South East Asian (especially Thai and Chinese food). My husband and I also LOVE to BBQ. In fact, we’ve managed to fit two BBQ’s on our deck, wedged between all our veggie pots!

For me: cooking + gardening + traveling = the sweet life.


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